Video Sharing, How To Make Money Sharing Other People’s Video

Video Sharing
Videos, Videos and More Videos.

Video sharing is one of the fastest growing trends on the internet. There is one hour of new video being added to YouTube every second.Could you believe that? Indeed, For many opportunity seekers it’s a dream come true as statistics shows that half of all traffic online after 5pm is being spent watching videos!

With over 600 million Face-book members, 180 million people on Twitter, 100 million members on Linked in, 80 million on MySpace and hundreds of thousands of new members joining social networking websites every day, sharing videos from one another, there’s virtually no limit to how much money you can make.

How it works

These Videos that you share are made by others and all you do is share them around on social media sites. With more than 2 billion videos a day being watched on YouTube alone, can you even imagine how much traffic that is? Every time you share a video you get paid. The exciting part is that you aren’t only paid on the videos that your friends watch. You can make money for as long as the videos you have shared spread out. As you know, some videos propagate from one another for months reaching a vast range of people. Thus, The more videos you have circulating the greater the possibility becomes that your income will grow exponentially.

Upgrading as A Pro

If you are serious about making some extra bucks to make a real income you should definitely go Pro.Upgraded as a Pro You earn many extra rewards in the range of $0.08, $0.22, $0.48 coming in sporadically. Plus, you also earn $1s, $5s, $10s and $20s on everyone upgrading to Pro like you.

Furthermore, in addition to all the extra money you make, you enjoy unlimited ad space under all the videos you share!. This way you can promote anything you want without paying per click or per impression. Promote your website, product or service, a blog, Amazon and eBay products, etc. Most Pro members use their ad space to promote their own affiliate programs

Since advertising on social networks like Face-book can cost as much $1 per click and even higher, isn’t it better to share something viral on your Face-book wall that many people will click on, and then to display your ad. This way you get to advertise on Face-book for Free. Does it make any sense?

Simply Brilliant

Videos attract the highest attention, are viral and when posted they get a larger size and better location than any ad you can ever buy on Face-book. Before you even know, hundreds of different videos will be attracting people in and your ad will be displayed to all the viewers, plus, you’ll be earning more and more money as you keep sharing. So you basically get paid while you advertise your stuff!You earn on both ends! It’s been qualified as “Simply Brilliant!” by the media.

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