How Knowing Your Audience Will Help Your List Building

When I first started doing internet marketing it took me some time to understand what all this list building talk was about.I had no clue as I kept seeing and reading marketers recommending list building, list building  and again list building. I almost had enough of it but it finally got to me. So in very simple terms, what is building an email list?

Basically it is the gathering of information of a prospect. Their name, email address and an optional phone number. The way you get this information is by offering something that is valuable to them. Something that they feel is worth exchanging their email address for. Building a list ensures that you have an audience to talk to whenever you have something of value to share whether that is training or products and services to sell.

In order to be successful at list building you must know who your audience is. You must understand what their struggles are so you can offer them solutions.
For instance, if your audience is “work-at-home moms”, then you need to know what they normally struggle with. Perhaps it’s time management or finding legitimate work-at-home jobs. Maybe it’s finding solutions to preparing nutritious meals for their families. Whatever problem you decide to talk about, make sure you offer them the solution.

A stressed out mom who works from home with a couple of kids running around who comes across your content offering her free valuable solutions to her problems, will be more
than willing to give you her email address in exchange for your knowledge. If you present yourself and your content in a way that she can identify with, she will connect to you more than she would with someone trying to do business with her but not offering any solutions to her problems.

In order to build a list it is critical to know who you are speaking to. But more importantly you want to build a responsive list. Therefore you want to hang out in places where these moms frequent. Whether that is online or offline.

So… how can you take advantage of this list building? Well…staying with the work-at-home moms example. As you blog about the issues they face offering valuable resources and solutions, you can send your blog posts directly to the moms who are interested in what you are talking about. So your list is your ready-made customers.

As a marketer your list is the most valuable asset you own and whether it is just a couple of people or hundreds, you now have an audience whom you can talk to and share information as well as sell your products and services to.

Treat your list also as such and nurture it continuously.  As you write about problems so many struggles with and at the same time you offer solutions, keep sharing this with your list.

As you keep building on a more extensive list this will only benefit your business as you have more people to sell your products to.

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11 thoughts on “How Knowing Your Audience Will Help Your List Building

  1. Took me a long time to figure out how to define my niche. My first year in networking I had a list but it was 300 people with a variety of interest. This led to sending out messages that many did not need. Thank goodness for the training I received later on in this journey.

  2. This is a smart post because you definitely have to find out if your client has a problem. Does he want to solve the problem? And more importantly does he want to solve it with you?

    The last question is the most important one of all because you are competing for his attention with others and you have to sound much more certain than the other representatives who share with him whatever they have to offer.

    If you do not know something just admit “I don’t know the answer to that question but my friend Mike has experienced something similar to what you have described to me, would you like me to set up an appointment for us to talk to him?”

    That way he will respect you more and if he gets what he wants and his happy about it he will then tell his story to his friends and he then might be willing to refer them to you.

    Lawrence Bergfeld
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  3. Great post on finding your niche and providing them with valuable information that relates to their needs.

  4. Great post on finding a niche and providing your target market with relevant information.

  5. Hi Wendell,

    Building a list develops powerful connections with individuals. No better way to reach out, connect and build trust with someone interested in your offering. Helpful tips here.

    I too ignored list building for a while until I woke up. Now I know the importance of collecting contact information, calling new prospects and building trust by developing intimate connections with my subscribers. By reaching out you demonstrate that yes, you are interested in the person’s success, and this reaching out might be the most prospering act in the trust building process.

    Thanks Wendell!

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  6. Thank you for explaining this. I have wondered about why have a list, but now I see why. Good information, Wendell.
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  7. Hi Wendell,
    Excellent advise mate!
    The importance of list building can not be stressed enough.
    This is the backbone of your business.
    Such a simple message that many of us ignore.
    Thanks for sharing
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  8. Hi Wendell,

    You were not alone there, I had no idea what it was at first but soon figured it out and got to work on building my list. Thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge
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  9. Continue the good work and people will continue to come to your blog! I have been updating my blogs, as well.

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