How To Market On Facebook Finding Targeted People To Connect With



How to market on facebook

Would you like to know how to market on facebook and find targeted leads to connect with? Good, then always remember the following:

"Network Marketing Is A People Business, People Do Business With People They Know, Like And Trust"

On March 24th this year 2011, I wrote an article titled: “Steps To Benefit From Facebook  As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source”. In that article I touched upon the different aspects of how to behave on facebook in order  to be effective as a network marketer. The positive  feedback I received served … Click to Read More

Steps To Benefit From Facebook As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source


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Social Media Marketing is becoming Huge.

Could you have imagined at the beginning of 2004 that facebookwould become one of the biggest social media sites on the internet? Most probably not, but now at the time of writing this article in march 2011, they have way over 500 million users. Facebook  is becoming Google’s closest competition when it comes to traffic.( updated june 2011: 750 million)

What started as a simple social network site has now also become a platform that thousands of network marketers are using as one of their favorite marketing places to … Click to Read More