Why I’m Successful Selling on eBay With DS Domination?

ds domination bannerAt writing this post on May 27th 2014 I’m having my best month since starting selling on eBay in September 2013. At this moment I have a total of 211 sales for the month of May, just by doing what I have been taught on DS Domination.

How Did It All Started? If someone would have told me a year ago that I will be making consistent sales on eBay in 2014, I would have gone like,“What are you talking about”? Why ? Because I have tried selling on eBay  years ago and failed miserably and quit. Then it happened somewhere mid August 2013 when an online friend asked me if I heard about a new program that’s helping people sell on eBay. I decided to take a look. I was immediately impressed with what this company was offering.

 Since I had some experience from the past dealing with eBay listings, I was sure I could pick this up real fast. So, I signed up on September 2nd and went quickly through all the video training modules the next day. On September 4th I had my first couple of listings up and believe it or not, I made my first 2 sales that same day.

I got real excited about this and went all in by listing more and more products. After that I couldn’t believe when I kept seeing sales coming in every day. I started having an average of 2 sales a day and even had a peak of 5 sales on a Sunday. That’s how I ended the month of September 2013 with a total of 52 eBay sales. Needless to say that my confidence went through the roof. Yes, Now I knew for sure I could make it on eBay.

My Sales Keep Increasing As I diligently continued to work on eBay, I quite doubled my sales when I made 97 sales for the month of October. That made it a total of 149 sales in 2 months. The following month November 2013 ,I had my first 100 sales month while in December I recorded my first 200 sales month. Do you think I’m excited about all this? You bet I am.

ebay proof 05272014

No Recruiting to Make Money with DS Domination Let me ask you a question;’How many times have you joined a MLM opportunity knowing up front that in order for you to make money, you need to sponsor other people. You know how stressing that can be, right? Because if you don’t have what it takes to recruit, you will simply not make it. Believe me, I have been there too and I know most people has no idea how to recruit.

Here is where DS Domination is making a world of difference compared to other MLM opportunities. You don’t have to recruit in order to make money. You will start making money by using the product itself first. Let me assure you that your money making will never depend on bringing others in. All you have to do is just follow what you are being taught in the video training modules and soon you will be sharing the same kind of excitement like me.

People Making Money With DS Domination Don’t Quit What makes people quit on whatever online opportunity they are doing? Simply put it’s because they don’t get to make money. So putting it the other way, people making money won’t quit.. Even when my focus was on building my own eBay business first and not recruiting, the little bit promotion I did brought me 6 affiliates in my first 2 months from which I have helped 2 of them reach their first 100 sales in their second month. Do you think they will quit? No, they just won’t because if you are working online it is to make money and when you are making money you will not quit. It’s just that simple.

Could DS Domination Be a Fit For You? What I like most about working on eBay applying DS Domination techniques is that you have your success in your own hands. So,  is it a business everyone can do? I would say Yes and No.  As with any business it is something you have to decide and it depends greatly on your determination to succeed. 

What I know for a fact is that people taking action do start making money right away and that is what I did myself. So, Why I’m successful selling on eBay? I took determined action and I stay active every single day. So, No matter what your decision today, I’m determined to keep working this with or without others. But, If you say yes and have the willingness to work and learn what it takes to be successful selling on eBay, I’ll be here to support and guide you. Click on the button below to watch a DS Domination video presentation and get started.

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13 thoughts on “Why I’m Successful Selling on eBay With DS Domination?

  1. Wendell, bonjour from France. This drop shipping with DS Domination has got to be one of the best ways for anyone to start a new busineess on line.
    recently posted..

  2. Wow! Incredible story. So many people can benefit from this product and working with you. You obviously have mastered the system. Wtg!

    1. Hi Patrick, I keep working daily to improve the techniques taught in DS Domination.

  3. Great Story Wendell, Love happy beginnings. And, Yes, the training in DS is so powerful and not lengthy…step by step approach even if you do not have the time…this works. And, the beauty of this is that you don’t have to ask family and friends to join or purchase products. And, So EZ$$$

    Great #dominating Wendell$$$

  4. You inspire me!!!! I hope to soon have a success story like yours! I’m diligently working with DSD as of January ’14 & so grateful for the ongoing training from this company.

  5. Thanks Wendell-I saw your post on Rogers wall and wanted to reach out to you.Thank you for your inspiration with DsD..

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