Steps To Benefit From Facebook As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source


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Social Media Marketing is becoming Huge.

Could you have imagined at the beginning of 2004 that facebookwould become one of the biggest social media sites on the internet? Most probably not, but now at the time of writing this article in march 2011, they have way over 500 million users. Facebook  is becoming Google’s closest competition when it comes to traffic.( updated june 2011: 750 million)

What started as a simple social network site has now also become a platform that thousands of network marketers are using as one of their favorite marketing places to get targeted leads.

That is definitely right, serious network marketers realize the huge potential that facebook represent as a source for business. Nevertheless there is one problem. Many network marketers still need to learn  how to use marketing strategies on facebook correctly and effectively.

So…Let see what you can do  to profit and benefit from this virtual online goldmine and actually start bringing in targeted leads related to your marketing niche.

I am going to cover a few points to help you become more efficient on facebook and see how rewarding it could be to your marketing efforts.

1. Understand what your potential market is and get involved in it.

People like facebook as a social media site because they still want to socialize in the first place, so by no means lose sight of this fact to prevent yourself  to become too business minded, be open to reveal yourself as a real person. Take time to build real friend relationships with those that you connect with and most of all build a rapport that you are a trustworthy person. At the end this friendly relationship will become the foundation that will have a facebook users become a prospect to do business with in the future. Bear in mind and remember this: "people buy from people they know and trust".

2. Be consistent and always provide value.

What kind of message are you leaving in the mind of your prospects? What are you best known for? Consistently delivering quality content on how to do anything related to your business niche will brand yourself as someone who knows what he is doing. Become a steady source of  how to deal with network challenges. Stay consistent and this will attract people to you. This  will also make them curious to find out what else you are doing as a network marketer.

3. Keep sharing openly.

Do You have a facebook group? Excellent, that is a wonderful way to interact with others, but be aware not to utilize it for a purpose of just self promotion or to SPAM others. Have your learned something new?share it freely. From time to time  put other network marketers as well  in the spotlight because people appreciate that. Be generally known as someone who share your own content but also freely share others content to benefit others. Whenever your focus is on content and value it will pay back on the long term since you will also influence others on facebook  to share your information.

It’s proven that when people like what you have to say, they will in return share it with others, with result that your posts will start ranking higher on search engines. Wouldn’t you think that’s a way it’s coming back to you? Definitely this will increase your opt-ins on your lead capture pages, helping build your list of prospective customers.

Next time, will you remember these marketing strategies? Socialize and build rapport, consistently offer value and keep sharing freely on Facebook. Do it and  Facebook with its huge traffic will become one of your leading resources of social media marketing to build your personal business.

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Author: Wendell Bulbaai

14 thoughts on “Steps To Benefit From Facebook As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source

  1. Hi Wendell,

    Terrific post! Thanks for sharing this. Yeah you are right that some people just don’t know how to do it properly on facebook. All they know is just to keep on vomiting their business opportunities to people. As a result people are running away from them thus positioning themselves as the hunter and an amateur. So yes providing continuous value and building relationship are the keys to your success. Thanks again.

    All the best,
    recently posted..

    1. Hi Sonny, I appreciate you coming to my blog and leave your comment.
      You are for sure one of the bloggers I have been following and learn from and
      I would recommend all newcomers to check your blog.
      Thanks and come back soon again.

  2. Wendell,

    Great post! #2 is so so so so key. Consistency and value are what will separate you from the crowd and make you stand out. This is a great article buddy. Great job, and great value!

    Mark Harbert
    recently posted..

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for visiting.
      come back soon my friend

  3. This is definitely one of the best articles I’ve seen on how to utilize FB as a network marketer. Very succinct! I will definitely be retweeting this!
    recently posted..

    1. Hi Lisa,

      It makes me feel good that you enjoyed it
      and will benefit from it.

  4. Wendell. This is a great article! Great content! Look forward to reading more from you!

    Your Friend


    1. Hey Rick,

      Thanks for visiting.
      come back soon again.

  5. Hi Wendell,
    I discovered your blog in Facebook:)I’m glad that I done that!Your post is great,clean and filled with valuable information.We are responsible for our image on the social media platforms.After all,we build it every day.As you said,continuous value shared for free creates a great personal image and trust.In the long run you will earn more than money:meaningful friendships and also trust worthy business partners.
    Facebook it’s a true “heaven” if you know how to do it right.

    Thanks for sharing!Look forward to connect with you and chat more!
    Have a great day,

  6. Hi Wendel, Great post! I appreciate your sharing of this awesome article. looking forward to learning more in your next post. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Wendell,

    Facebook has been a game changer thats for sure and yet still so many people have no clue how to use it correctly. I still see people everyday posting the smae links in the same groups. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge
    recently posted..

  8. Facebook is one of many social media sites where people don’t take the time to get to know you I can tell when I get offers that are so off the path that my profile states I am interested in. Thanks
    recently posted..

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