How Developing A Right Mindset Is Crucial For Online Success


right mindset is crucial

Could you think of anything you achieve every single day if not for having the right mindset? Actually, right mindset comes before anything we think to do all the time. However, In our everyday routine we do most of our daily activities without consciously thinking about how to do them.

We get out of bed in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, prepare and eat breakfast and perform all those other activities to go to our daily job without any special effort. Why is it that we don’t actively think about a right mindset in these activities? The reason is because somewhere in the past we already went through the process of convincing our subconscious mind that we can do these everyday activities and that we believe  they are the right thing to do. All we do now is keep proving ourselves day in day out that we can do those activities without applying any apparent special skills.

But, what will normally happen if on any given day you are called on to do a different task,. you have never done before? Immediately your conscious mind comes into play. You now actively start thinking about the task and evaluating all its aspects. You will start convincing your mind whether you can do it or not. If there is anything  regarding the assigned task that you feel is beyond your capacities, doubts may start coming up. Here is where you will have to consciously start thinking on how to conquer your doubts. Here is where you will have to apply all you have to keep a right mindset to do what is expected from you. If you already posses a strong and trained mindset you will be able to find ways to overcome any obstacle related to the task, and at the same time you’re getting rid of your doubts to finally get the job done.

How does right mindset apply in online business?

When I made the decision to start a business online, I didn’t actively think about having the right mind frame and I know pretty much no newbie marketer consider that as a factor. Why would you need a right mindset  to do business online anyway? Haven’t you been told that it would be easy to make money online?
It’s like  telling yourself, all I have to do is just plug into a program I like and start making sales. Who needs any special mind frame for that? right?

Wrong….., because pretty soon you will find out that the reality of making money online is totally different then generally presented. There will be obstacles to overcome and it’s a challenges you haven’t thought of.Your willingness to consciously start working on your mindset, to develop and improve it into a strong and determined one will be crucial. It could even be the main factor that will make you stay in business or decide to give up at the first couple of obstacles you encounter.

How do you develop a right mindset ?

Each of us have our own mindset when stepping into this online venture. Some new marketers may be more ready than others, but the key is to keep building and developing a right and positive mindset. Developing a right mindset happens in different ways. Your focus should be to get yourself where right mindset is found and practiced. Surround yourself with everything that has to do with developing a right mindset. You can develop it by reading self improvement books or watch self improvement videos. You can develop it by regularly attending online webinars or offline marketing Live events where positive thinking and right mindset is taught. Be in constant communication with other business people or online marketers who already have a right mindset.

How will a right mindset help you succeed in your online business?

A right mindset will help you become invincible and unstoppable, because you will prove over and over again that you can overcome any obstacle.When you have a right mindset it will make you a more discipline person.

right mindset and discipline

This is very important, especially when you remember that in an online business you’re your own boss, so no one will be looking on you to do what you know you have to do. When you know what you have to do to get results and you have convinced your subconscious mind that you can do it, you will act accordingly.

Pretty soon you will be doing the same activities as when you have a regular daily job without actively thinking that you need to have a right mindset for doing it.It becomes part of your daily routine. You will wake up in the morning and work your schedule and accomplish your daily tasks to see your online business flourish.

Keep working on developing and maintaining a right mindset to stay in business, overcome any obstacle that comes your way and success will be yours.

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Author: Wendell Bulbaai

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15 thoughts on “How Developing A Right Mindset Is Crucial For Online Success

  1. The fun begins when we become uncomfortable. Most can stay calm in situations that appear to be calm. Then we experience change, and the fun begins 😉 Keep a positive and high energy mindset in the face of challenging situations and you can become successful with any online endeavor. Thanks Wendell!

    recently posted..

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for coming back and leave your comment.
      You know what this is about
      Commitment and persistence.

  2. You hit on the right points regarding the place of mindset in business success. I quite agree with you that the right mindset makes failure not an option – that’s how you can become that unstoppable entrepreneur, and discipline and attitude is in the center of developing a mindset to succeed.
    recently posted..

  3. Wendell,

    Great article my friend. I love what you said about some people think that they only thing they have to do is plug into a system and they will start making sales. I have seen that way to often, and it starts one person at a time to realize that will never be the case and it starts by helping people to have the right expectations, and the right mindset. You rock my friend, thanks for bringing the value here. I appreciate you big time.

    Mark Harbert
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    1. Hello Mark,
      I appreciate you coming by and leave your comment.
      come back soon my friend

  4. Great stuff Wendell! Mindset is one of those overlooked traits necessary for success. Thanks for sharing!
    recently posted..

  5. Great stuff Wendell! Mindset is one of those overlooked traits necessary for success. Thanks for sharing!
    recently posted..

  6. The mindset is very important when you venture out to accomplish something, especially if you have a home business. Like Jim Rohn said, you have to focus more on yourself more so than you do on your business. Having the right mindset will definitely keep you on track to success. Thanks for your insight of this subject!

    recently posted..

    1. Hello Sherman,
      Thanks for coming by and leave your comment

  7. Mindset and marketing go hand in hand. One without the other wont work in this industry. I so enjoyed your post Wendell and your dead right. thanks for the insight Wendell. Its about reprogramming that subconscious of the ole habits and becoming a better you.

    thanks for shareing

  8. Hi Wendell,
    For me, starting my online business has moved me to uncovering a ton of unconscious beliefs that were keeping me in my comfort zone. The more uncomfortable I have found myself then the more I have been aware of how far I have progressed. It’s an ongoing thing developing the right mindset, and it exciting makes the journey more exciting.


  9. A right mindset will help you become invincible and unstoppable, because you will prove over and over again that you can overcome any obstacle.When you have a right mindset it will make you a more discipline person. “` I so love this, yes its true to, you must create this kind of mindset, even if it is something you have never done before. Create better questions, because that is the way we think. “I know I can do this, so how am I going to do this?”

    Lynda Cromar

  10. Right on point Wendell! It all starts with the right mindset. Surrounding yourself with and learning from others who are like minded and successful are crucial to your development both professionally and personally. Thanks for sharing!

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