How To Use Research Tools Effectively To Find People On The Internet

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Research Tools can be very useful and this article will show you why.

Would you agree with me on this : The more  information you know, the more value you have to offer to others. What about this one: The more quality people you connect with, the more chance you have to learn something new.

What would you say? Well, I  assume  you would agree with me on both statements. I personally do believe its true because I experience it everyday connecting with real awesome people, especially on facebook.

I would like to mention some networkers that I’m in contact with pretty much everyday and I’m always learning something new from them. People like  Bill Gelwick,  Mark Harbert, Tim Villard,  Terri PattioStella Anokam and Rex Harris, just to mention a few. These are great people to work with and I came in contact with them mainly through facebook , but others also on different social media sites.

Now, Not so long ago I wrote an article on how to find targeted people to connect with on facebook using facebook own built in research tools. I elaborated on a very specific way to search for quality connections. I explained how you can find targeted people  and how by browsing through their profile and other details  you will  know if it would be a worthy connection.

Today in this video article I want to touch a total different way to find people and how to  also find out exactly what they are doing by using  research tools.

But,  I wil not be explaining it my self, instead I  will let the video below do the rest of the tutorial.

However,  before I leave I want to remind you this, whenever you connect with others, always connect with the right mindset to learn from them.
Take time to read and listen to what they have to say and benefit from it. Doing it this way you will always  learn something new and will always have more to pass over to those who on their turn are using research tools to find and learn from you.

Enjoy… and if you like it share it with others on facebook and twitter


Effectively Use Research Tools

Author: Wendell Bulbaai
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  1. Well said! Our success mirrors our sphere. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. Period. Obviously, you totally understand this and are benefiting from you own great mindset! Glad for the connection from the blogging challenge 🙂
    recently posted..

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