Would You Survive If Your Primary Network Opportunity Shuts Down Today?


primary network closed?


“Would you survive if your primary network opportunity decides to close its door today?”

A real scary thought don’t you think? Especially when you have been with an opportunity for a while and have build a substantial downline that represents a regular income, you may prefer not to even think about it.

Some internet marketers are so confident that their primary network company is so strong and stable that closing down of such network would never happen. It’s good to be confident about you primary network company, but personally I would never take it for granted.On the other hand there are marketers that  work their business in such a way that if they need to, they can switch from one company to another and build a new business in no time without having to start from scratch again. This give them great peace of mind working their business.So… what makes the difference?

Lets face the facts. New companies are launched on a regular basis and if you’re well informed you should know that there are businesses throwing in the towel also on a regular basis. To check what companies just recently launched and which one stopped existing, I would recommend you to go to http://npros.com to do your research.

Two Ways To Build Online Business

I’m familiar with 2 basic ways marketers are building an online business. The first is that you come in touch with a certain company, you like the opportunity and decide to join.Now you start promoting it as your primary network marketing company. You focus all your attention on bringing in new people in this primary business in an effort to build a nice income. From there you may stick to just this company or you may decide to join different other opportunities that come along.

A second way to build an online business is to start building a team of people that are network minded.while  building a relationship with them you offer them the necessary tools and strategies that is helping you build your team so this will do the same for them. While building a strong relationship with your team members you will go over to offer also your primary network business opportunity or opportunities.

What Makes The Difference

The real problem is not which system you work, but how you work with. Believe me, the real challenge arises when you want to move from one opportunity to another not having what it takes to do it.

your own contact list

So, how do you create the bridge to move from one opportunity to another? “By Building Your Own Contact List”.

Make sure that whatever method you choose to work, that you build your own list. Don’t ever just bring new people in your primary business not having a way to keep their contact information. If not, you are building a list just for those who own your primary network marketing business.

Learn how to build your own list so you can always interact with your list and build a trust so strong that if you decide to go for a different opportunity you are free to do so at any time. May the worse case scenario ever occur that your primary network company decide to go out of business, you have a base of contacts that trust you already as a leader and are willing to follow you to any new network opportunity.

Tell me,what would you answer now …“Would You Survive If  Your Primary Network Opportunity Shuts Down Today?

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11 thoughts on “Would You Survive If Your Primary Network Opportunity Shuts Down Today?

  1. I could not agree more Wendell. More than 90% of all businesses, including network marketing companies, are no longer around within two years of start-up. You can minimize the risk by knowing how to research companies to begin with, but the risk is always there. Thank you for sharing this insight.
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  2. Wendell, I cannot tell you how Critical this blog post is. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Depending on one income stream (ie MLM) is making the same mistake people make in depending on a 9-5 Job. We have multiple bills, we should have multiple stream of income as well. Building a Strong contact list is your biggest Asset, period! Great Post!
    recently posted..

    1. Thanks a lot Barbie,

      I like seeing your input here.
      come back soon.

  3. It’s always great stopping by your blog Wendell! Thanks for taking the time to share. Take care, Piyush =)
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  4. It’s always great stopping by your blog Wendell! Thanks for taking the time to share. Take care, Piyush =)
    recently posted..

  5. I dont know how many network marketers put ALL their eggs in 1 basket, but I personnally work everyday creating NEW marketing income streams , great post Wendell
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  6. Your right Wendell. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I do know people that had to start all over because of this. It is important to have your own client based list for this reason.

  7. Wendell, you are 100% correct. Having all of your eggs in one basket is silly, and to any Robert Kiyosaki fans out there (which is pretty much all of us), we know it’s all about *multiple* streams of income…not just one. But to your point, when one opportunity is so good to you, it’s difficult to try and create those new streams. Awesome post my friend 🙂

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