Practical Suggestions To Follow To Get More Facebook Page Likes

The thing that we are trying to do at facebook, is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently. ~Mark Zuckerberg~

Facebook-Suggestions-Page-LikesIt has been a while since I last posted something about how to successfully engage on Facebook. You can always check and learn from these old posts. Below are the links.

Steps To Benefit From Facebook As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source and How To Market On Facebook Finding Targeted People To Connect With

Facebook is now a billion user Social platform. That’s more users than what different countries together have as inhabitants. It’s just HUGE… So, are you trying to get more likes on your Facebook page? That’s a good thing, because the more likes you got, the broader the audience you have to show yourself to. At the same time, you also have more people to show what kind of value you can offer, which can turn into others doing business with you. This is post will give you some suggestions to follow to easily increase your likes.

Setup An Interesting Facebook Page. Take some time to setup an interesting Facebook page.There are thousand and thousands of Facebook pages, so you have to work on a Facebook Page that stands out.If you would like to know how do that, check out this video on you-tube:

Promote Yourself and Not a Business Opportunity. A big mistake so many make when setting up a Facebook page is, to directly promote a business opportunity they are involved with.Keep in mind that most Facebook users are people who are looking for entertainment and would like to connect with others. If you can get people to genuinely like you and what your page is sharing,then the Facebook likes will follow. Don’t devote all your time to promoting your business, instead devote your time to get people to know you.

Promote Others On Your Page. Large company pages only promote their product and services. But if you are trying to promote any aspect of a small business opportunity, you got to be careful not to be to focused on stuff about yourself.The reason is that if your posts are an endless stream of self promotion, it will turn others off and will probably have them unlike your page. Find other people’s stuff that you like and share it on your page. Sharing valuable information is always the best way to have people like your own page.

Post Pictures Regularly. People love visuals. This is why sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have become so successful. Even Facebook is doing better on that now. Facebook has slowly evolved to make their pictures larger and more prominent. Use this to your advantage. If you have a fun quote, find a cute picture to go with it. The picture will draw people in, resulting in a new like for you.

You Have To Ask. Never overlook what is obviously one of the easiest ways to get likes. You have probably seen posts that ask people to like or comment on their picture (and you may have even done so yourself). If you are putting out quality content and have built a relationship with your followers, they will return the favor. People like to follow directions and hopefully they like your cause, so don’t be afraid to just ask people to share or like your post.

Join Engaging Facebook Groups. Another easy way to get likes is to join and be part of Facebook groups, that help their members engage with each other and help them get more likes.You can check this particular group that I like myself at: It doesn’t matter what business you may be with, it’s always a people business and the only way to get people to notice you is by engaging with others. Bottom line is, you got to be interactive with people. You don’t have to spend all day long on Facebook. However, in order to get likes you have to go out there and interact with others. find other interesting pages and leave your like and leave a short message telling them why you like their page. Spend a few minutes a day doing this and you will see the results.

Start an Email Coupon Campaign With a “like-gate”. Email campaign offering a link to a coupon using a “like-gate”works wonders. What’s a “like-gate”? It’s when others click on the link to the coupon and they are taken to a screen on Facebook that simply asks them to “like us” to get the coupon. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend you to go to this link: VerticalResponse

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