How A Personal Branding Blog Shows You As A Leader To Follow

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How Important Is A Personal Branding Blog To You?

Attraction marketing  is dominating the online network marketing world. If you are not part of it , you are losing big!Why? Because all who has discovered this magnificent way of doing business by attracting others to them have the opportunity to show themselves as leaders. They are now capable to share with others what they have learned using a real duplicatable system.You get noticed  quickly because you’re are no longer leading with a specific product or business opportunity.Now I’ts all about selling yourself first as a desirable leader. Yes, its all about You. Having a personal branding blog at doing attraction marketing is a perfect way to showcase yourself to the world.

Do you own a blog that reflects You as a Leader or is it just another blog among so many? Work on it to make sure to hand out a neat and attractive personal branding blog.

As you build rapport with new friends and prospects, you will be sharing your blog content with them. So.., what is your blog telling about you? What should you have on your blog? What should you include to stay well balanced between sharing value and getting others to know you better and understand what  kind of leader you are?

First of all, leaders are public figures and have no need to hide themselves. Make sure when others arrive at your blog they have a way to know who you are by providing a picture of yourself or a video introducing yourself.  You can also setup an “about me” page to tell more in details who you are and what you have to offer. Another good way is to direct them to your facebook profile.

Provide a crisp and clean looking blog by avoiding having to much on there that can cause distraction. You want people to understand what you are teaching, so make your posts easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

When your prospects visit your blog they should get the feel  based on what you post, that you are someone they would like to follow as a leader.  They should find in you a problem solver who is ready to help them cope with problems they are actually dealing with in network marketing.

People are looking for training that would help them understand how this industry works.Is your blog  providing such training? Are you directing them to your own source of training that  allowed you to become a leader?

Make it possible for them to interact with you by having a comment box at the bottom of your post, but also a way to subscribe to your blog by having an opt-in box.

In this post I just mentioned some basic points to have a good personal branding blog. There is much much more to learn to become a successful attraction network marketer.Would you like to know more?

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10 thoughts on “How A Personal Branding Blog Shows You As A Leader To Follow

  1. Excellent advise Wendell! Offering value and being your true unique self is key! The goal is to build relationships and build trust, branding yourself is the best way to accomplish such. Thanks so much for sharing this great post!

  2. Being an expert is a very important part of keeping clients. I have found that in order to keep that title, I have had to keep learning new things and going through a stage where I am not an expert in the new thing, yet.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment

  3. I believe that the only time you will attract prospects is if you help them solve their problems and give them valuable information that they can teach their downline.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  4. Hi Wendell,

    Key points here.

    Engagement is key. Leave the comments field open and respond to what you can respond to. People deeply appreciate a 2 way street.

    Your brand grows as you open up and build connections with folks by chatting with them. This might be the easiest part of the business: simply chatting consistently, and making yourself accessible.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  5. Wendell thankyou great detail. yes indeed build relationships connect with them real live people after all it is a peoples business.

    Great value..

  6. Another great post wendell. You have really hit a great point here the key is selling your self. Jeffrey Gitomer said
    “First comes likeability. Then comes believability. Then comes confidence. And finally, trust begins to emerge. Slowly.”

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