What It Takes To Motivate Team Members

Are you wondering what it takes to motivate team members in your down-line? You have been working hard because you understand and truly believe in the network marketing business model. Your team is growing.However, you have one drawback: “Not much is happening in your down-line “. It seems like most of your team members are not really doing much. What could be the problem? What are you missing? Let’s see what is needed to get some action in your team but also get to understand that it’s not possible to help everyone get active.

Your Own Experience Helps You Motivate Others

Remember when you finally understood how the network business model works? Weren’t you excited? I sure was after struggling for almost a year. You have your own personal reason for what attracted you to this industry. But, you also have your own frustrations to deal with. You know what kept driving you not to give up and you even had to overcome your own weaknesses, you had to adjust your mindset as you kept applying what you have in strengths.You understood that your success would greatly depend on your Personal Value Level and your decision to take action.

If we could compare your Personal Value Level with a number in a deck of cards, you would probably be a number 2 or number 3. At that time you would certainly not attract anyone to you and if you did, it would be the same number 2 and number 3 as you. Most of these are prospects looking for easy money and looking for things to happen by doing nothing.You had to work yourself up.

Now, are you now willing to understand that thousands of others are going through the same process? Do you understand that you are in the perfect position to help motivate your team members? So…be patient and keep working.

Lead By Example As You Keep Sharing More Value

As you started sharing with others what you were learning, your Personal Value Level quickly improved and now you are probably a number 5 or number 6 in that deck of cards. You are attracting more people, even if they are not stable enough yet to build you a solid down-line in any business . Some of them still join your business wanting a free ride. They are sitting there and hoping for the best to happen, wanting all the work to be done by others.

Don’t  ever let this demotivate you, but  keep working to motivate team members by leading by your own example. When they see what you are actively doing, some will start to follow your example. Work close with those that already developed a right mindset about doing business online. Help them by bringing them to the source of your own training and personal development. Help them see how you are improving and how they can do the same. Let them start with a single market strategy they are most comfortable with. Help them become an expert at it .This way they can start sharing value with others, which will raise their own Personal Value Level.

You should constantly be learning something new that you can share with your team. You should strive  to become a King and finally even an Ace in that deck of cards. When you reach that kind of level you will start attracting other Kings and Aces.These are already motivated and are the ones who can easily motivate team members to take action the same way you do. These are the ones that will make your business explode because they are the right people that take action.

Keep Bringing In More And Better Leads

Never expect your team to stay the same,  neither for people to stay with you forever. As you keep growing in your Personal Value level you will attract better quality leads.

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Since this is a dynamic business, you can never depend on the downline that  you have right now. There is no such thing as having enough leads to work with. If you stop bringing in new leads, your business is doomed to fail. Some people you recruited as low quality leads in the beginning will take action and improve as you help them, but others will just never do anything and will soon leave looking for the next easy opportunity.

There is not much you can do to motivate team such members. As long they don’t make up their mind, accepting that if they want a change, they should start making a change within themselves first, they will continue to fail.

Keep prospecting and looking  for new and better leads. Become a better sponsor and you will see that your team will soon consist of more active team members building themselves and you a great business.

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5 thoughts on “What It Takes To Motivate Team Members

  1. As always Wendell, we can count on you for exceptional content. Giving exceptional value is key. When you combine that with a little character and the ability to trigger some emotion you’ve got a big time recipe for success. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Rex,

      Thanks for your input.
      it’s always a pleasure having
      you comment on my blog.

  2. Thanks Wendell, your article touches on some great points! The key being that it all begins with You. You must be the one out front leading. Don’t keep looking back to see who’s following. Your downline expects to see your backside, not your face looking back at them!

    Thanks for your valuable insights Wendell!

    Take care,

    David Haines

  3. You definitely have to always be working on you. The moment you stop working on themselves you are doomed to fail. If your business is not growing then work on yourself harder and share more valuable information. That way those who are right now sleeping will wake up and notice that if they do not do something about their situation they will pay a harder price for failure than for success.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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