How Long Tail Keywords Help Your Youtube Videos Get Higher Rankings

Long Tail Keywords



Are you having a hard time getting your youtube videos ranked high or even worse,to ever get them on the first page of search engines? Network marketers who are good at making videos and share them on sites like youtube want their videos to be found and watched by internet users.

One technique or marketing strategy¬† used is to find out what internet users are most searching for and so include these searched terms as a relevant keyword in the title of your youtube videos. Now…competition on keywords is sure getting fierce out there and just by using simple keywords for your youtube videos is not going to get your videos on the first page of search engines anymore.

Some extra work is required to be more effective in getting your content and videos seen on the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. That’s why Long tail keyword could be the answer. What exactly are Long Tail Keywords and why can they help you with higher rankings?

Let Terry Dorland of Network marketing system Netdivvy explain to us in the video below, what they are and how to use these long Tail keywords to your benefit.

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How Long Tail Keywords Help Your Youtube Videos Get Higher Rankings


Author: Wendell Bulbaai To learn more on how to have your youtube-videos ranked high on search engines.

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4 thoughts on “How Long Tail Keywords Help Your Youtube Videos Get Higher Rankings

  1. Hi Wendell,

    A helpful video here.

    Doing a bit of extra leg work brings you great dividends. Simply take the time to find what people are looking for in keywords and tailor your videos accordingly.

    Thanks for sharing!

    recently posted..

  2. that is right but according to me keyword should be short because if there will be long keyword than rank can be improve but it will not be so good for your site,

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