Why Lead Capture Pages Are A Network Marketer Best Tool To Build A List

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Once you understand the function of lead capture pages, you will not do internet marketing without them ever again.

The topic of list building is probably one of the most written and talked about by internet marketers. No wonder that it is so important because a list becomes the bread and butter for any  online marketer. The plain truth is that without leads to build your list you don’t have anything than a dead business. So how are lead capture pages (also called squeeze pages) used to build that so famous list of leads? I invite you to  keep on reading.

Designed To Capture Information

A lead capture page is a single page that is especially designed to capture the information of a prospect. Good lead capture pages should never contain to much information that could overwhelm the page visitor, but it should provide just enough information to make someone curious to request more information through the form on the lead capture page. The basic information normally requested is a name and an email address. Some marketers may opt also to have a box requesting a phone number.

Designed For A Call To Action

A Lead capture page is build to be very attractive to your prospective leads by offering something of value for free. It should be something irresistible to refuse that will make them go over to the action of leaving their information. That’s why they are also called squeeze pages because the offer becomes so irresistible that you are actually squeezing the information out of the visitor.

Where To Place A Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page can be placed  in many different ways. You can add a link in your signature to be used in forums, in groups or in your emails. You can use free classifieds, article marketing or any other form of free or paid advertising that you like. If you use them on a blog, you should have them in different places.

The most basic place to have one is on your blog’s sidebar. However, To my experience those don’t convert that well, so you should have one also on your blog post, preferably at the end of your post. A very popular and very good converting  is a pop-up lead capture page, also called a Light Box. You can have it customized the way you want it and you can schedule it to appear at the time your article is opened, or at the time the visitor is about to leave your page.

Take Advantage Of  The Latest  Available

A Lead capture page is a network marketer best tool to build a list. It is the most effective tool to build a huge list that later is used to share value, build a relationship of trust to prepare the way for you to monetize it.|

If you are a beginner at online marketing, you know now  how to start building a list. Like I said at the beginning: “Once you know you  never will do business without lead capture pages again”.

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10 thoughts on “Why Lead Capture Pages Are A Network Marketer Best Tool To Build A List

  1. One of the biggest mistakes I made early in my business was to think I didn’t need to build a list. Wrong. Creating effective lead capture pages and building a list are two of the most important steps to a successful business. Thanks for the great overview of lead capture pages.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      It’s for sure a mistake all beginners make.
      The good thing is to realize what is wrong and missing
      and go over doing it the right way.


  2. Yes lead capture pages are still one the most effective marketing tools there are. Believe it or not the link in a signature on forums was one of the best working methods for me.

  3. You are absolutely right! Building a list whether it’s online or on paper is critical! Great overview Wendell!

  4. This is what I am working on… lead capture pages and building my list. I am on the right path! I can’t say that pop ups ( light box) are my favorite thing, so I am having to re-train my brain on that part. Thanks for the ideas of where to put the lead capture pages, I am sure that I have heard it before, but this time it sank in.

  5. I’ve resisted the idea of putting a link at the bottom of my posts, but I’m going to start doing that. I thought that putting the box only on the sidebar would be enough, but you’re right that it’s not. This is a good overview and reminder about the importance of squeeze pages.

  6. Great post on Lead Capture pages.I agree with putting them at the bottom of post.I need to change that on my blog.Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  7. Hi Wendell,

    Capture pages are great and a must for your online marketing efforts. I always add one to the bottom of each blog post as a call to action and I can’t tell you the amount of leads I have got from doing that. Great post and a must for a new starter.

    Tristram Lodge

  8. Very helpful and informative post Wendell! We had no idea what list building or a lead capture page was when we first started out and you’re absolutely right, now we couldn’t live without it! This is such great info for the beginners out there! Thanks so much for sharing with the masses! You ROCK!

  9. Awesome article Wendell, building a list is so important for success in this biz, no list. No business. Great job buddy!

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