How Important Is It To Have A Good Email Post Script Message?

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Every time you work on a message or newsletter to be send to your subscribers using your auto responder, you take time to come up with an interesting and eye catching headline. Then you go over to spent most of the time on the body content, so what you present is of good quality. Now it’s all done and you are ready to send your newsletter. Wait……

Is it possible that you forgot  to include a very important part in your newsletter?

Yes… most certainly, I have done that same mistake in the past but have learned my lesson. Have you also been overlooking the importance of a good post script message?

Now you can ask: How important can this small message at the end of your newsletter really be?
The answer is that it really does matter and a lot, because it has a tremendous impact on moving your subscribers to Action.

In the video below Terry Dorland will shortly tell us about the importance of a good post script message.

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How Important Is It To Have a Good Email Post Script Message?

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