How To Market On Facebook Finding Targeted People To Connect With



How to market on facebook

Would you like to know how to market on facebook and find targeted leads to connect with? Good, then always remember the following:

"Network Marketing Is A People Business, People Do Business With People They Know, Like And Trust"

On March 24th this year 2011, I wrote an article titled: “Steps To Benefit From Facebook  As A Huge Social Media Marketing Source”. In that article I touched upon the different aspects of how to behave on facebook in order  to be effective as a network marketer. The positive  feedback I received served as an immediate motivation for this follow up article. In this article I’m going into the specifics on how to find targeted leads on facebook.  So…, Here we go.

*Adding Content vs. Adding Friends

What is the first thing we are taught when we open a facebook account? Start adding new friends right? That is obviously the right thing to do, but have you ever thought of start adding content first? Start adding  content of value to your profile because one of  your ultimate goals is to become that someone that others in the near future will be looking for to add.Why? because of the value you are offering.You definitely don’t want to stay as someone that need to be adding others forever and all the time.When you have valuable content to offer on FB you will without any doubt see your friendship requests go up.

Alright, I agree with you. It’s is going to take some time, so eventually you will  have to start adding friends yourself but, never neglect the part of adding  content of value because even at the beginning  people you invite will be looking at your page and you want them to notice a difference in what you are posting compared to what most others do. Be different by posting quality content that can be useful to others instead of just sending out links to your business opportunity.Top marketers are looking for other marketers who know what they are doing and that’s the way they will find you and will request to work with you.

*Who Is Doing Business On Facebook?

Understand that howeverfacebook counts over 600 million users and still growing, just a small percentage of probably less than 1% is actually on facebook for doing business. The vast majority is using facebook as a way to socialize and communicate with friends and sharing daily activities. That’s exactly the reason why it’s your job to go out and search and find those targeted leads. You have to look for those interested in doing business.

When I started adding people to my page I remember that I did not really know who or where to look for because I didn’t know how to market on facebook. Therefore I would  find other facebookers with large numbers of contacts and would  just add some of their contacts to my page. Later on I was recommended to look for network marketing groups of like minded people. So… I did start growing my contact list with a little bit better quality leads, but it was still not really targeted.

*Now I Find Real Targeted Prospects As Friends

How to find targeted leads
How to market on facebook

Now, due to proper training I have learned how to market on facebook and do things different. Let me share this simple strategy with you. On your FB homepage go to the left sidebar and click on”friends“, then click on “find friends”. This will open a page that offers you various ways to find friends. Click on “find friends”  listed under” other tools“.Now you will see the option to search for friends based on employer, classmates or hometown and many different other options. Here is where you want to be and make your search.

One of the best searches I figured out  to find real targeted people is to look for them in specific companies. Why? Because in many of those companies you will find people that are struggling to figure out how to make money with their business opportunity. A lot of those company members are in desperate need for help and here you come in to help them.This become one of your best source of targeted leads. One reminder though, struggling marketers doesn’t necessary mean that they are all good leads but you have to sort them out.In the first place you preferably want to find people that already have the right mindset to do network marketing. These marketers are easier to connect with and real beneficial to work with.

*What to Do Next

I would recommend to search for 10 to max 25 people a day in any specific company and focus on building a relationship with them. Make sure that instead of just adding someone as a friend, you take time to look at their profile info and become familiar with who they are and what they are doing. Their profile info can also give you an idea in what stage of marketing they are. Do they already have a marketing system? Do they already know how to market on facebook? Do they have a blog? What are they blogging about?

Have you liked what you read on their profile?Now you can decide if it is a worthy connection. If it is, add them and send them a personal message  that includes something you have read about on their profile. Tell them what you liked about it. if you read a recent and  interesting comment on their wall, you could use this also to mention in your message. People just love the attention you give to their personal information and will put attention to what you have to say.

Never, Never Ever send any opportunity link in your first message because people just don't appreciate that, simply because it's considered spam.

However,  an exception can be made  if you’re sending a link to either your  fan page or to a facebook group. Most people really looking to connect would not have a problem with it.

*Always Look For Feedback To Start Building A Relationship

You can end your message with a question or a request for more information or ask if they would like to share what they are doing.You should always be looking for feedback as a good way to start building a real relationship and believe me that those who respond to your message with a feedback are likely to become a good lead.

Try this and I am convinced that from now on you would probably not add just to add, but you will be looking for quality contacts to become friends with on facebook. Of course, there are many other ways to use facebook to get targeted leads.

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Author:       Wendell Bulbaai

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23 thoughts on “How To Market On Facebook Finding Targeted People To Connect With

  1. These are all great suggestions, Wendell. In fact, I’m going to implement some of them myself right now.

    1. Hi Mary Anne,

      I appreciate your comment on my blog and I am glad the suggestions are helpful to you.
      Do you own a blog of your own? if yes, Plse share it with us in your comment.
      I will be looking forward to know more about you.

      Wendell B.

  2. Good post Wendell I agree with focus and percentages you cite. Your comments about people trying to find out how to make some money online are also interesting, there is just so much crap out there. Good opportunities get passed up because of it.
    recently posted..

    1. Hey Dennis,

      I appreciate you coming to my blog and leave your comment.
      A bunch of struggle out there on the net.big opportunity though.
      I had my days also but happy I never gave up till I figure it out.
      I will be checking what you are doing. come back soon!

      Wendell Bulbaai

  3. Many thanks , Wendell ! I found a “nugget of gold” in here that I plan to begin using today. I hadn’t thought of checking or before !! 🙂


    1. Hi Margaret,

      I am glad to be of any help.put in practice what has been proven to work and see the results.
      Come back soon again!

      Wendell B.

  4. Excellent tips Wendell. I added much more content than friends at first. Gradually I networked with like-minded people and my presence expanded. The key is to hyper target your searches. Connect with a specific group of people who might be interested in what you have to offer, lead with value, build a relationship, and over time you might have built a business relationship. Thanks for sharing! RB
    recently posted..

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for leaving your comment.
      looking forward to know more about you my friend

      Wendell B.

  5. Hey Wendell

    You are giving great advice here. I know myself when I first opened a facebook account, I just added as many people as I could to be friends. I have since learned as you say, to target the people I choose to be friends.

    Thanks for sharing!!!


    1. Hey My friend Rick,

      good to see you here,
      thanks for your input

  6. Great tips Wendell. Finding TARGETED Facebook friends is great. I like the method shown here. Also, not sending a link on first contact is critical. People will dismiss you for that, and maybe even unfriend you. People hate that.
    recently posted..

  7. Thank you for the article Bill!

    I will use your advice!


  8. Good stuff Wendell. Most people use social networking to increase their numbers thinking it will transform them into an internet king or queen. But those numbers mean nothing if people are not connecting with you and adding to the quality of your efforts.

  9. Thanks Wendell. I really enjoyed this article. Valuable information.

  10. Excellent post, Wendell. 🙂 This is exactly what people are talking about when they say “you must post valuable content.”

  11. I totally agree! Marketing on Facebook is something more small businesses should take advantage of!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for coming by and leave your comment.

  12. Awesome tips. I’m going to try find friends under specific categories, really like tht as an idea. ty

  13. Excellent post Wendell! Anyone that markets on face book needs to read this. I know when I first started out I tried to find any and everyone to be friends with so that all their friends can be my friends. Throwing links out all over the place and if I sold shoes I probably would have tagged everyone in that. lol But I had to unlearn what I thought I know to realize people join people and first you must build the relationship. great job

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