How To Get Others Hanging Around You As With A Popular Kid In School

I’m a Popular Kid, Follow Me!



How would you like others to hang around you like  A Popular Kid in school? What should you as a network marketer do to get noticed and start being considered like a popular kid in this network marketing arena?

The simple truth is that all successful marketers today started of with nothing and worked their way up to become what they are today. How do they do that? Obviously there is some work to be done, because just sitting around for sure will not help much.Once YOU know what it takes and YOU make up your mind to take action, it’s not difficult at all.

Just like those other kids at school you have to begin hanging around other “popular kids” on the internet and learn from them, learn what really makes them popular and start doing the same things they are doing and all of sudden you will start getting noticed and there you go… You are becoming a Popular Kid. In this case you’ll become a popular network marketer.

But again, be conscious that there is no magic in this procedure, because the truth is also that a lot of  all those hanging around other successful marketers will never become successful themselves. Why ? It’s all about ACTION.What you actively do with what you learn will finally determine if you will just stay as one that just keep hanging around the POPULAR  Network Marketers, or that you will move on to become one yourself. Action will turn you in one that will have others liking hanging around with.

That’s a concrete way of how you go from being a follower to become a Leader and further even become a Mentor.

I will leave the further details to the video presentation that will show you more on how to become a leader and move further up to become a mentor.

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Author: Wendell Bulbaai To know more about Wendell Bulbaai To learn what it takes to be like a popular kid in school and have others follow you


5 thoughts on “How To Get Others Hanging Around You As With A Popular Kid In School

  1. Hi Wendell,

    I agree that it’s action that separates those who succeed from the others. Without sufficient action, nothing much happens. It really is that simple. We network marketers just need to find out what works, and then DO it.

    Awesome information, Wendell. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Hello Gregory,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Come back soon again!

  2. Hello Wendell, You are exactly correct. Activity leads to more activity. Start with one comment a day and two the next. Your only thirty days away for some nice activity. I’m looking forward to your next post. Thank you!
    recently posted..

    1. Hello Jeffrey,
      You are very welcome.
      Thanks for leaving your comment

  3. So true Wendell, that to be successful you need to surround and learn from other successful people while remaining true to your own unique self. ACTION is key! Thanks for sharing!

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