How to Find and Profit from Posting to More Classified Ad Sites

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Are you familiar with craigslist? Now you may ask:”Who in the world is not familiar with craigslist”?

Indeed and of course we are familiar with Craigslist for being one of the most known classified ad sites on the internet. We may even have used it to place our classified ads, at least I do consistently.

What lot of us however are not familiar with or maybe not aware of is, the many other classified ad sites like craigslist out there that we can use to promote our programs or business opportunities. I am glad I found them and it gave me a way to expand my classified ads campaign.

In this short video, Terry Dorland of Marketing System Netdivvy will give us a quick tip on how to find these classified ad sites and how to know if they are profitable to post on.

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2 thoughts on “How to Find and Profit from Posting to More Classified Ad Sites

  1. Hi Wendell,

    Not a big craigslist guy but open to all marketing channels.

    Thanks for sharing.

    recently posted..

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