An Effective Call To Action Tool Will Move Your Visitors To Do What You Want Them To

Call-to-action-300x225As a blogger , your writing is in the first place to provide valuable information to your readership. But at the end, you write also to see your blog visitors act on what you have written. If you can grab your visitors attention while they are on your page, you will  increase your chances of getting them to do what you are expecting them to.

Whether it is to opt-in on your list, purchase your latest product, buying some special offer,clicking your affiliate link, liking your Facebook page and so on. How do you accomplish this?

This is done by what in a copy writing term is called “a call to action”. It simply means, asking or telling the reader to take a specific action. A Call to action should be easy to understand, but also easy to follow. The easier it is for your audience to act on, the greater response you’ll get.

Make it simple and keep it short. What action should I ask my followers to do? Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to try a number of different actions. Just like with your content on your website and blog, you also need to keep your call to action fresh by changing it up from time to time. Your call to action should be clear and specific. Don’t simply link to a post and assume that readers will get the message.Tell them “click here to read…” or “find out more by clicking this link” or something similar. If you’re asking for comments, give them a specific question to think about.

Where to place your call to action. From a blogging perspective, you can place a call to action pretty much anywhere in your post as long as it makes sense and is relevant to your content. If you are writing about something and want your readers to take action, throw in a call to action. It is not uncommon to see multiple calls to action through a post. You can have them at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of posts. However, you should always include a call to action at the end of every blog post you write. It can be in the form of a question, it can be a link, or it can be a simple reminder to engage in some way. The important thing to remember is that whatever shape your call to action takes, it needs to be relevant to your post.

Thinking outside of the box. I have touched on where to place a good  call to action. Now, its time to think outside of the box. Where else can we place a call to action?  Like I said at the beginning of this post, our goal finally is to grab your visitors attention and have them do certain action that you want.

Allow me to present you  a super simple plugin that now is available for placing a call to action that is not in your post, but outside of the post.  So, what is so remarkable about this call to action plugin.This plugin presents your visitors with a call to action alert in a format that is instantly recognized globally. It presents it as as  a smartphone message box with an incoming message tone.  Your visitors will associate these messages with friends not marketing. The result is that it is almost always acted upon. Psychologically it is  very hard to ignore. It looks familiar, so visitors feel comfortable to read and click.

You might have seen it in action on this blog and I am having excellent result with it. If you would like to know more about this plugin and see if it is something for you, here is my call to action. Go Here to find out more about this Call To Action plugin.

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Wendell Bulbaai

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