Is Low Customer Retention Putting You Out Of Business? Here Is Your Solution!

Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you. ~ Heather Williams~


There is an old saying that says: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. This is certainly true for every small business including the internet marketer. What do you think is one of the biggest challenges any small business has to deal with when it comes to keep selling their products?

You might think about things like product quality, dealing with the competition, cash flow management, handling legal issues and many many others.

The fact is that none of these weigh more at being a threat of putting you out of business than: “Low Customer Retention “.

No small business owner will question the value of doing advertising to bring in new customers. However, If you are spending dollars to bring  in customers and not spending dollars on retaining them, you are missing the target. This could be compared to filling water in a bucket that has a broken bottom.

Bring the Lead in, Keep the Lead in.
As I was writing this post  I remembered a post I wrote a while ago about the importance of  having an autoresponder. I went back and checked and it was on  March 6th 2011. The title of that post was: Understanding why an autoresponder is an unmissable tool.

I remember when I discovered the tremendous value of having an autoresponder as a marketer,  I immediately started looking on how to get one. Today the autoresponder is still an unmissable tool for the internet marketer because after you put in the effort to get the leads, that’s how you stay connected with them as potential customers. It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, every customer you bring in should still be seen as a lead that you need to stay in constant touch with offering them value.

A New Kind of Autoresponder
Now, let’s face the facts. How many people would still sit down at their desktop or laptop to open their emails sent through your autoresponder? The reality today is that the open rate of emails sent out through  autoresponders is not what it use to be no more. Another fact is that most emails opened today are being opened on mobile phones.

Don’t you think this fact has opened a whole new world of opportunity? Don’t you think that would be your solution to keep working on a high customer retention ? Indeed, the new way to stay in touch with customers is through their smartphone. How? One of the best way to guarantee a high delivery rate and open rate is through a Mobile Custom App. One of the many benefits of  a Custom Mobile App is the capability of doing  way more than a regular autoresponder service.

A Custom Mobile App Gives You Full Control
This is how easy it is to use a mobile app. Use your business name as a keyword and ask new customers coming in to text your business name to a certain number to get a discount in your store. Following this simple procedure will get them on your list of new leads. Now you are in full control to stay in touch with these new leads by having them download your app to their smartphone. After they leave your store having  enjoyed your service its so easy to keep sending promotions to these new leads.

Let’s say for example that 2 weeks later you run a different promotion about a 2 for 1 special. Just by a push of a button you can reach your whole base of leads on their smartphone. Do you think they would come back and even bring some other friends to your enjoy your offer? You got it right.

Choose the Path of Customer Retention
Your success as a small business owner starts with building your list of leads and aiming for a high customer retention rate. So in order to save you thousands of dollars on advertising cost you need to get a custom mobile app. If you don’t,  your competition surely will. This will put you in an even worse position to be put out of business.

Take the path of customer retention today by finding out how to Get your Own Custom Mobile App by getting all the details Here.

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