How Confident Are You? As A Prospect Would You Join Yourself?

would you join yourself



Why in the world would anyone want to join you and your business opportunity?

Network marketers are constantly looking for prospects to join their business opportunity. Using all kinds of marketing tools available out there, applying all kinds of competitive marketing strategies they try to persuade and convince you that their business opportunity is the best and worth for you to join. But, is that good enough to make prospects decide to join you.

What is it that really motivates people to join a network marketer and his opportunity? Are people joining because they know you from somewhere? Could it be that they join because they somehow like you, or is it maybe because of the incredible product you have to offer? What would be your answer? If you were a prospect and had the opportunity to join Yourself, how confident would you be to say: “Yes I want to join you because……….”

It’s of critical importance to know what motivates prospects to join a business opportunity, because  by knowing it ,would help you work on whatever that great asset is, so others will start following you and eventually also your business opportunity.

In today’s video Terry Dorland will talk just about that. Enjoy it and if you like it please don’t keep it to yourself but share it with others on facebook, twitter and the many other social media sites.


How Confident Are You, Being A Prospect Would You Join Yourself?

Author: Wendell Bulbaai

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4 thoughts on “How Confident Are You? As A Prospect Would You Join Yourself?

  1. Great point Wendall,

    Taking inventory of yourself will only help you to work with the people that you want to work with. If your people are without a direction, it’s because their leader is walking in circles.

    Always a pleasure!


    1. Hi Rick,
      Thanks for coming by and leave your comment.
      I appreciate it

  2. Hi Wendell,

    Great article! One thing I made a habit of doing is always asking a person that joins a business with me online why they joined me.

    You would think it was the compensation plan or that the product was really great. I have always gotten the same feedback from people.

    “I joined you because you seem like a down to earth person. You seem approachable. It sounds like you actually care if I am successful.”

    I have always believed that your p.s is the most important aspect of your email.

    Mine usually reads something like this.

    “P.S I know it’s hard to believe but I really do answer my phone and return emails. I am a real person who really earns online. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals”

    That is a pretty powerful statement. Nobody has ever joined my business and said. “Hey that comp plan looks great!”

    It was always them feeling that I can personally help them. You could of also said,

    Would you want to be sponsored by yourself?

    Thanks for sharing!

    recently posted..

    1. Hey Larry,

      Great input and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
      come back soon again my friend.

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