How To Build Your List Like A Pro By Helping Others With List Building

communitybuildingHow Do Pro’s Do Their List Building?  Here is how they do it: They create a new product or service, and then they promote it to other marketers email list, to Facebook friends, Twitter followers and on all the many other social networking communities.

They repeat this cycle over and over again by creating new products and promoting these products to other big list owners list. They use the power of leverage. Actually, this is the same concept  used by big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Just remember for example that Facebook started with 3 college students and with the help of you and me and many others grew this to over a billion users today in 2013.

Now, If you don’t fall in the category of big list owners, or you can not create your own product, you simply can’t participate in this kind of  list building.However, you can approach these big list owners with a request to run what is called a “SOLO AD” on their big list. Running a “SOLO AD” is just a way of sharing their contacts with you and you pay them for doing this. But, isn’t possible to do list building by yourself?

Why So Many Marketers Fail at List Building. The truth is that trying to do list building all by yourself is without a doubt an incredible job. What makes this process so difficult and why do so many fail at it? I believe there are several reasons, however, I believe one of the primary reasons for failure is because most people focus on the wrong thing. A Majority of internet marketers have no idea what to do on a daily basis to generate a list of targeted contacts for their email list.

 A Community  To Help Others Leverage List building. What if you could find a community of marketers, where you don’t have to be a pro to participate. What if this community of internet marketers  work together and leverage  each other effort by sharing their leads with each other? Again, the underlying power here is leverage.

The good news is that there is a community like that. This community is getting ready and will officially launch some time soon in July 2013.The main focus of this community is to help all of its members build a huge list.

You get to use a system to leverage other members effort to build a gigantic list for yourself and on top of that make $5.00 for every lead you get on your list. Indeed, This will be without the high cost and all of the pains and headaches of building your own website, creating videos, products and the dozens of other frustrating and time consuming activities associated with creating an effective online presence.

 Make A Decision For List building Today! I am excited about this opportunity. I have been building my list using different tools and strategies. I also do use Solo Ads by paying those with a big list to share their list with me. So, I know by experience that this is not an easy task. I can definitely use this extra help to grow my own list to get to a 10,000 contacts and who knows one day it may even become as big as 100,000 leads.

So, if you are one of these marketers that’s looking how to further increase the number of your leads or if you are just starting to understand that you need to do list building, then this is for you. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

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Wendell Bulbaai

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  1. This is great article and really helpful for email marketer who looking for email lists building technique. Thanks Wendell.

    1. Great to know that you like it David.
      You’re welcome.

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