Understanding Why An Autoresponder is an Unmissable Marketing Tool.


An autoresponder is unmissable and crucial in your network marketing efforts.This article will help you understand why.

If you were to own an offline business, how would you get potential customers to know about your store? How would you have them come back again and again to buy at your store?

To attract new customers you most likely would start advertising on the different available sources like the radio, TV and the many other available advertising resources. Your goal is to get potential buyers over to your store, persuading them that you have the best deal and real value for their money. Most of all you want to convince them that you deserve their business.

However, once you get them to the point to come to your store and possibly purchased from you, it doesn’t end there. Of course not, because you would like to see them come back as return customers. So, what do you do now?

You will set-up a way to get their personal information, in the first place to have a record of the sale but also as a way to keep track of that customer that visited your store.

Do you know this information now opens a way for you to contact them again in the future and let them know what kind of deals and offers you are running? Right, you are actually telling them: “Come back and see me, its a good time to come back and buy from our store”.

In fact, If you don’t follow this process you are definitely not treating your business right because you are leaving out the opportunity to build a solid customer base to keep your business profitable.

Do It Off-line, Do It On-line

Now, If you would do this with your offline business, why would you not do the same with your online business? After you catch their information, how do you keep communicating with them?

A valuable resource that has been created to do this is what is known online as an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a piece of software program that allows you to get and put on file potential customers personal information. This now gives you the opportunity to stay in contact with them through e-mails.

The autoresponder has been called  “ the most underpaid secretary”. Why? Because once you get your autoresponder set up properly, it keeps working constantly and consistently. It doesn’t take a break, it doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t even go on vacation. More  important, it sure doesn’t ask for a raise.

Treat It Right and Get Results

One thing however, even though your autoresponder doesn’t demand much from you, from your side you have to treat it right for being a powerful source to communicate with your contacts. Take time to set it up properly and make sure your email campaign is well balanced with quality content and valuable information.

Never be to soon to start sending product offers to your new leads that opted in to your autoresponder. More than just a way to promote your business, your autoresponder is a tool to build a good relationship with your leads and keep building trust in you as reliable business person.

Do you remember the offline store I talked about at the beginning? Do you see now that it’s pretty much the same process?.

This is your tool to convince your leads that you deserve their business. Once that trust is build they certainly will open to you for business as you keep providing and satisfying their need for valuable information.

Get Your Virtual Secretary

I have been using an autoresponder to build my list successfully since 2011 and I treat it as a valuable member of my business.It’s a great way for me to stay in touch with my prospects, share valuable information with them and build trust in me as a professional businessman.

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Author: Wendell Bulbaai

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7 thoughts on “Understanding Why An Autoresponder is an Unmissable Marketing Tool.

    1. Hey Stella, good to see you back. thanks for your input

  1. Autoresponders are great to have and if you want to create a list, you do need one.I like video autoresponders and have them on both of my websites and fanpage.There are many good companies out there but the one I use for video is also my business.

    1. Hi Beverly,
      An autoresponder is definitely a must for every serious marketer.
      thanks for coming by and leave a comment

  2. Autoresponders are great tools for lead capture. I love my Aweber account. They make is really easy to set up.Just remember to have a call to action and to offer them great free content to get them to Opt-In.

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