Amazing Plug-in Let You Make Stunning Squeeze Pages For List Building

Just when you thought Squeeze Pages couldn’t get any better, the following will proof you wrong.You may have seen those Squeeze Pages with giant image backgrounds,they are for sure quite impressive and marketers love them. They make you go like “WOW,” while it becomes almost irresistible not to go ahead and fill out the form.

But now there is a new plug-in just released that does something even more impressive. Have you ever thought about adding a YouTube video as a background for your squeeze page? Well, this new wordpress plug-in allow you to do just that. It could be any YouTube video. You can use the video in the background as a recorded presentation about what you have to offer or just use it to make your squeeze page more attractive. At the end of this post you can watch the DEMO I have made for the product.

The name of this product is “WP Tube Squeeze plug-in”. All you have to do is download it to your computer and then upload it to your wordpress blog. Then copy/paste your YouTube video URL or ID, make some other customization and you are done. The plug-in scales the video, ads the video as a background on your page and also provides some basic controls for the video.The video controls can be put on the left or to the right or you can opt to leave the video controls out completely.

If you have been spending long hours creating squeeze pages you will definitely welcome this as a effective tool that will let you create stunning squeeze pages in a matter of minutes. A very welcome feature is the option it comes with to have your squeeze page integrated on your FB pages. Yes..The plug-in comes with a custom button that allows you to add your app to your fan page. All you have to do is  paste your app ID and click the button and you’re ready.

So have you been looking for an effective way to create your own customized squeeze pages? Use WP Tube Squeeze to promote  any business you are actually doing or use it just as an option to build your email list even faster. Get WP Tube Squeeze and just watch as your opt in rates increase significantly.


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