Who is Wendell Bulbaai?

Hi there, my name is Wendell Bulbaai.

I’m a native of the beautiful Island  Curacao ,  a small island in he caribbean where we speak 4 different languages.

My native language is Papiamento. Besides of that I speak Dutch which is still the official language on the island. Curacao being a touristic destination we also learn to dominate English and Spanish.

I’m father of 3 lovely children. At the age of 27, I moved to The Netherlands where I lived for 5 years but after that decided to go back to my birth place.

10 years later came to me the opportunity to migrate to The United States where I established myself in Houston Texas. I’m living here now since 2003.

My first contact with the concept of network marketing was way back in 1984 where I was introduced to a company most of you may know which is Amway. Since 1984 I have seen so many MLM businesses come my way but truly it wasn’t till recently in 2007 that something really caught my attention again.

So I decided to start a new journey exploring the internet for opportunities. My first year was a real struggle which should not be a surprise since 98% of those trying to build an online business will fail. Real soon I realized that it would not be an easy task, but I was determined to figure it out and was determined not to give up on my dreams.

After countless of hours spent on the internet to understand what those marketing online were doing to be successful, I little by little managed to put the pieces together. But even then I had not reached my goal yet.

I had to keep improving everyday by applying what I was learning. Believe me when I say that it is all about the action that you take. Action will make the big difference in you getting results or not getting results. Internet Marketing has become a passion for me. Getting in touch with new people and build new relationship is always so exciting and also very rewarding.

My main focus on this blog will be on providing basic strategies to build  your web presence. I’m here to share real value with you about what I know, but always striving to learn new values from those with even more experience than me. I’m here to show you how to build your wealth by sharing values with others. My goal here is to see anyone who applies what you read on this blog  succeed.Thanks for reading and feel free to contact for any information or question you may have.

  facebook:http://facebook.com/wendellbulbaai Twitter: http://twitter.com/wendellbulbaai Skype Id: wendell.bulbaai Wendell B.

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  1. Hi Wendell it is my pleasure to connect with yourself as I know what you are sharing will be of great value to my business.

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