4 Easy Ways To Build Credibility With Your List

Becoming a network marketer you will keep hearing this over and over again: "The Money is in the List"

If you are new to network marketing, just starting to look into this venture you will probably not get the message at first.

Speak out of personal experience I did not understand this for the first couple of months either. But like I said, you will keep hearing it over and over till you start wondering what that list is all about. As  you finally got it you will implement  the strategies you have been learning to build your list.

Now it is your turn to help others understand that  promoting a business opportunity by just shouting about it all the time is not the best way to become a successful network marketer because, “the money is in the list. What a  different approach you have now,  you are sharing value with others.

Because of this your own list start growing steadily but your next question is: “How exactly is this list going to bring the money in to me? “The answer is: “your work has just begun”.  you are doing it right, keep telling and helping others how to do network marketing correctly.

Just doing this will be shaping up your list to get people on that list so far to be ready and willing to open their wallet to buy from you.This will surely not happen overnight but I promise you it will. First….it’s time for you to build your credibility with your list.This is exactly what the video below is about.

Mr. Terry Dorland from Marketing System “Netdivvy” will teach us “4 easy ways to build credibility with our list”

Enjoy and if you like it, leave your comment. Then, Don’t keep it to yourself but share it with others on Face book and Twitter.

4 Easy Ways To Build Credibility With Your List

Author: Wendell Bulbaai
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11 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Build Credibility With Your List

  1. It is so important to consistently build credibility.

    And everything becomes more and more easy when you are a consistent force with your helpful information.

    Nice job. A post to do business by.
    recently posted..

    1. Hi Becky,
      Great that you liked it ,
      I appreciate your comment

    1. Hey my friend Paul,
      Good to see you here.
      thanks for leaving your comment

  2. Love the video, Wendell. It makes a great point about how to build credibility with your list and becoming a leader in your field.This applies to all types of businesses. Thank you for posting!

    recently posted..

    1. Hello Sherie,
      I appreciate it.
      Come back soon again.

  3. Hi Wendell!

    Thanks for inviting me to your Blog…from The Blogging
    Mastermind Comment Tribe’s page. 🙂

    Since a personal list is our ‘online bread & butter’, we must
    nurture, educate & interact…much like raising a child. Then,
    as it matures, it will constantly grow…always evolving in a
    dynamic state.

    KUDOs on your work here!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar
    recently posted..

    1. Hey Steven,
      you’re welcome.
      great comment. come back soon.

  4. Well said! Focus on giving value and you will receive greater value in return.
    recently posted..

    1. Hey my friend James,
      thanks for dropping by and leave your comment

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