4 Easy Steps to Get A Monetized List of Leads

If you are thinking about becoming a internet marketer, you may be wondering how the money is made online? You may probably know that getting traffic is an important step, but before you even think about getting traffic you got to have something to promote.Once you know what you would like to promote and know how to get traffic, the next big thing is how to get leads from this traffic. Some would say that leads is the lifeblood of any online business and somehow that’s true? However, converting a lead into a paying customer is finally your goal because only then you have a real and monetized business. So what are the basics you need to follow to get to the point of having a monetized list of leads.

1. Get Yourself an Autoresponder No serious internet marketer can do without an autoresponder because its the main tool you will be using to communicate with your leads. Read more about the importance of an autoresponder in this article.

2. Setup Your Squeeze Pages Squeeze pages are those one page website marketers use to start capturing the information of a lead. That’s how you get a name and email to start sending information to those leads using your autoresponder. If you would like to know more about squeeze pages, check this article I wrote especially about Squeeze Pages.

3. Write Your Email Campaigns An email campaign is designed to interact with a lead in order to build a relationship of trust. If you can get a lead to see you as a trustworthy person they will open to do business with you.

4. Promote and Monetize This is the final step where you can expect the money to start coming in. Now you will also be sending out your offers. A lead that has become familiar with you and see the value of what you have to offer will at the end decide to buy what you are promoting. Work on building a big list because the more leads the bigger a list you have to promote your business to. Today I have great news for you.There is a perfect system to pretty much do all the work for you.  In the end it will also help you build your list super fast . CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THAT SYSTEM Much success to you,

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