How Important Is It To Have A Good Email Post Script Message?

email post script



Every time you work on a message or newsletter to be send to your subscribers using your auto responder, you take time to come up with an interesting and eye catching headline. Then you go over to spent most of the time on the body content, so what you present is of good quality. Now it’s all done and you are ready to send your newsletter. Wait……

Is it possible that you forgot  to include a very important part in your newsletter?

Yes… most certainly, I have done that same mistake in the past … Click to Read More

How A Mastermind Group Can Help You Find Your Real Passion in Business.

i'm living my passion



Why do you think so many marketers are constantly jumping from one program to another without any real success? Have you personally been changing and joining so many new programs that show up. Have you been promoting different programs at the same time not see any of them get of the ground for you?

I have to admit I was in that cycle before I understood what it really takes to get results in any business. I have joined many programs in prelaunch that were announced with all kind of hype but at the

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How To Get Others Hanging Around You As With A Popular Kid In School

I’m a Popular Kid, Follow Me!



How would you like others to hang around you like  A Popular Kid in school? What should you as a network marketer do to get noticed and start being considered like a popular kid in this network marketing arena?

The simple truth is that all successful marketers today started of with nothing and worked their way up to become what they are today. How do they do that? Obviously there is some work to be done, because just sitting around for sure will not help much.Once YOU know what it takes and … Click to Read More

4 Easy Ways To Build Credibility With Your List

Becoming a network marketer you will keep hearing this over and over again: "The Money is in the List"

If you are new to network marketing, just starting to look into this venture you will probably not get the message at first.

Speak out of personal experience I did not understand this for the first couple of months either. But like I said, you will keep hearing it over and over till you start wondering what that list is all about. As  you finally got it you will implement  the strategies you have been learning to build your list.

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How to Find and Profit from Posting to More Classified Ad Sites

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Are you familiar with craigslist? Now you may ask:”Who in the world is not familiar with craigslist”?

Indeed and of course we are familiar with Craigslist for being one of the most known classified ad sites on the internet. We may even have used it to place our classified ads, at least I do consistently.

What lot of us however are not familiar with or maybe not aware of is, the many other classified ad sites like craigslist out there that we can use to promote our programs or business opportunities. I am glad I … Click to Read More

How Confident Are You? As A Prospect Would You Join Yourself?

would you join yourself



Why in the world would anyone want to join you and your business opportunity?

Network marketers are constantly looking for prospects to join their business opportunity. Using all kinds of marketing tools available out there, applying all kinds of competitive marketing strategies they try to persuade and convince you that their business opportunity is the best and worth for you to join. But, is that good enough to make prospects decide to join you.

What is it that really motivates people to join a network marketer and his opportunity? Are people joining because they Click to Read More

Would You Survive If Your Primary Network Opportunity Shuts Down Today?


primary network closed?


“Would you survive if your primary network opportunity decides to close its door today?”

A real scary thought don’t you think? Especially when you have been with an opportunity for a while and have build a substantial downline that represents a regular income, you may prefer not to even think about it.

Some internet marketers are so confident that their primary network company is so strong and stable that closing down of such network would never happen. It’s good to be confident about you primary network company, but personally I would never take it for … Click to Read More